We’ve called this section “communities,” a catch-all term which covers physical on-the-ground projects both existing and projected, and interested (and we hope interesting) people meeting either as a local group or as an online network.

This is CHT’s Big Project, encouraging you to create and participate in planned and existing senior communities specifically tailored to your needs, and to take an active part in on-the-ground discussion groups and online networks of like-minded people with common interests. This provides opportunities for us all to share our plans, visions and resources, and to think carefully about the sorts of groups, networks, homes and communities we would like to be part of.

Find projects, local discussion groups and online interest groups by clicking the relevant image below. If you are part of a community project you would like us to include but haven’t yet, you can tell us about it. If you don’t find a discussion group near you or an online network for your particular interest, if you have the time and energy you can suggest creating a new local meetup or online interest group!