Community projects

In the context of CHT, a community project is much more than most retirement communities offer. It’s not just bricks-and-mortar with added facilities and commercial management, it’s a vibrant self-sustaining, self-governing group with a real sense of purpose and identity.


It’s early days yet for such senior community projects, with a scattering in North America and a handful in Britain and the rest of Europe. There are currently more at the planning stage than there are on the ground, but senior cohousing and community-building is very much on the agenda.


Imagine a lifestyle for yourself; it might include apartments, cottages, small managable homes clustered around a central shared open space with gardens and maybe a lake or stream, with plenty of places to be alone with your thoughts, but still very much part of the community and the world, not separated from it. Opportunities it could offer include:

  • people of any race, gender, orientation and background living and creating together
  • gardens, a gym, swimming pool and spa, library, classrooms, art and music studios
  • making music, writing songs and dancing
  • painting, crafting, creating, finding new outlets for artistic expression
  • gardening and keeping in touch with nature
  • cooking and sharing meals and special events
  • teaching and giving back to the community and the world
  • having friends, lovers, and a wealth of experience to look forward to

Is it all just a dream, or can you play a part it making it a reality? Check out the community projects that already exist and are planned, and if you don’t see something that fires your imagination you can always start a local group or online network to share your thoughts with others.

If you are part of a project you think should be included, or aware of one, let us know using the button to the right.