There tends to be an assumption these days, especially amongst us seniors, that younger people have modern technology all worked out and find it really easy. It simply isn’t true. Doug Hamilton, now in his early sixties, works as a technology support administrator in a Minnesota university, and writes, “I spend a lot of time with students in their early twenties. I can assure you that nobody has it all worked out, everyone struggles to keep up. People are often relatively fluent with the technology that’s central to their lives, a favorite app, a social media channel, a useful device. But there’s always far more that they don’t know, because they don’t need to.”

It’s time to stop thinking that everyone else has it all sorted out. The reality is that everyone learns what they need to learn in order to support what they find meaningful for themselves. So relax and enjoy what technology affords you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice when you need it. If Doug’s students sometimes need help, there’s nothing for you to be ashamed of.

When used appropriately, technology offers us rich possibilities. It can help us be safe in our homes, remain independent longer, help us get around. It can intrigue us, and support us in learning new skills, pursuing hobbies, participating in crowd-sourced projects. It can be a creative tool, for writing, programming, making art, making music, and it can be a rich and diverse source of entertainment. It can erase time and distance and bring us together, find fellow travellers, keep up with distant friends and loved ones, provide a window to the world. It can even provide us with income as we offer tutoring, selling stuff we don’t need, publishing our work.

Don’t be scared of technology. Choose what’s meaningful for you and dive in!